About my Figures

These are original figure studies painted in a variety of media including oil, pastels and watercolours. Most have been drawn and painted at live sessions with models here in Perth, Australia and all of them are for sale unless otherwise indicated. For a price on any of these paintings, or for a commissioned work, please complete the form below.

Hettie Rowley

Rachel - Oil on Canvass by Hettie Rowley Spanish Dancer in Pastels The Passion of the Dance - Pastels Happy Model in Watercolor The Jazz Player - Watercolor Male Torso - Watercolor Nude Watercolor A Pencil Study Nude Femal Torso in Pastels Nude Model - Pastel A stylised nide in watercolor by Hettie Rowley Victoria - Watercolor Nude by Hettie Rowley Nude in Watercolor Bright Nude in Pastels Nude in Pastels A Nude Sketch in Pencil by Hettie Rowley Watercolor Nude by Hettie Rowley Nude in Pastels Seated Nude in  Pastels Nude in Watercolor Nude in Pastels