About my Nature Gallery

These are original artworks painted in a variety of media including oil, pastels and watercolours. The wildlife paintings derive from Africa, where I spent most of my life before moving to Australia with my husband in 2010. I love animals and so I have also included a watercolor of my cat, 'Tan', who was with us for eighteen years. I am more than happy to undertake pet portraits from photographs in any medium required - just use the form below and upload a picture or two if you so wish. I also accept commissions for wildlife art from photographs as long as the copyright is owned by you i.e. not from a magazine or from anyone else's work.

Except where marked as 'Sold', the work here is for sale at the prices indicated - just fill in the form below indicating which work you require and I will be right back in touch to organize payment and freight. I hope you enjoy my gallery of beautiful animals and scenes as much as I have enjoyed the painting of them. And do please call in occasionally, as I will update the galleries as I complete more work.

Hettie Rowley
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Elephant in Botswana 2009 Bobab Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Berrywine - Watercolor  by Hettie Rowley Roots - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Trees - Pastel by Hettie Rowley Elephant in watercolor by Hettie Rowley Lion in pastels by Hettie Rowley Elephant in watercolor by Hettie Rowley Lion at Dusk - oil painting by Hettie Rowley Willos at the River - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Flowers - watercolor by Hettie Rowley Trees at Jan Smuts House - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Our beloved Tan - pet portrait by Hettie Rowley Kudu by Hettie Rowley Purple Roses - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Watercolor Landscape by Hettie Rowley Treescape - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Lion Oil Panel for Blender Gallery by Hettie Rowley Zebras in Watercolor by Hettie Rowley