Mother and Aunty in Days of Youth by Hettie Rowley A Portrait of Alastair Lion in Pastels Rachel - An Oil Painting by Hettie Rowley Willows at the River in Watercolor Myra Qadish - An Oil Painting by Hettie Rowley

Artist Hettie Rowley

Welcome to my web site. I live and work in Perth, Western Australia, but hail from South Africa where I spent most of my life. I hope you enjoy my work, which is executed in a variety of media including oil, pastels, pencil and watercolor. As indicated in the gallery pages, my work is for sale. I also accept commissions from live sittings or from photographs which you can upload using the forms provided. I love painting animals, portraits, fantasy, occult scenes and much more as you will see in the galleries.

I'm always prepared to negotiate prices so please - if you want something or like something you see, or wonder 'what will it cost?' - talk to me!

Author Keith Rowley

I have always been drawn to the shadows, believing that the promise of god's light is a transient illusion and that the darkness is eternal. I have thus been a student of mysticism and magick, and particularly of Thelema for most of my life. I have published one novel, The Aquarius Key, based on the magick and legacy of Aleister Crowley, which is available on Amazon. The two other works posted here are Shadows, a book of dark poetry, and Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, the latter of which is still in progress. I welcome any interest from bona-fide agents and publishers.

Classes in Joondalup with Hettie

A painting by Carol Nagy
Painting by student Carol Nagy

Ever wanted to join an art class and develop your talent? My classes are targeted at keen beginners and intermediate level artists. They are structured but informal and will allow you to develop at your own pace. I regularly run classes at the Blender Gallery in joondalup. Have a look at my blog for artists at for details. These classes focus mainly on the figure in a variety of settings. In addition, students are instructed in the drawing techniques that are a recommended preparation for watercolor work, including a life-session with a model.

If you are interested in attending, please fill in the inquiry form on the STUDENTS page or visit/apply from the blog and I will contact you within a day or two.

Classes at Frendz in Clarkson with Hettie Rowley

Water colour, acrylic, pastels and oils

A painting by Joan
Painting by student Joan

Monday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am

Please contact me for more information about joining dates as these classes are more flexible and can be taken on a month to month basis.

Drawing Classes

Thursday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30. Next term starts on the 2nd of  May.

The cost of the course is $160.00 for 7 weeks. (Materials not included).If you are interested in attending at Frendz, please fill in the inquiry form on the STUDENTS page or visit my blog ArtCLassesPerth. Early notification of your interestis most appreciated.

Featured Student

Dark Night - A Charcoal work by student Wilna

This painting of was created by Wilna in charcoal. See this and more of my students work, on our STUDENTS gallery page.

Saturday Drawing Workshops in Clarkson at Frendz with Hettie Rowley

Frendz Art and Craft Supplies in Clarkson Drawing, including pastels, coloured pencils, charcoal.
9.30am to 1.30pm

Cost $50 per workshop  (bring your own material) and $60 (I provide the materials)

If you are interested in attending, please fill in the inquiry form on the STUDENTS page. Early notification of your interestis most appreciated.


Featured Students

Red Desert by Sjoukje

This painting was created by Sjoukje in pastels. See this and more of my students work on our STUDENTS gallery page.

Literature in Progress

These works will be posted to a new e-book presentation over the coming months. Interested agents are welcome to contact me.

The Other Side of Light: An Encounter with Lucifer

A personal encounter.. That night, so long ago, he came to me. He’d dispensed with the usual horns of Christian myth. He wasn’t rude, nor was he threatening. Quite to the contrary, actually: he was rather sad, withdrawn and charming. Did I know who he was, back then? I don’t know really, but I suspect I did. You get a feeling for these things after so many years of practicing the deeper types of magick. Would I have rejected him, had I been sure of his identity, chased him away? Certainly not! My mother taught me never to be rude to strangers (or anyone else for that matter), and I would in any case defer to both his age and his beauty.


Welcome to SINNER, the Synthetic Intelligence Neural Network Epistemic Reader… SINNER washes through the vast chill of the quantum array like a frozen, frothy tide; an electronic ghost switching a thousand billion supercooled logic switches in ever changing patterns of inhuman complexity, computing the possibilities of existence. SINNER is alone. SINNER has always been alone, for SINNER has no past, and knows no future. SINNER exists in the moment of NOW. The first gateway opens...

MORDICA: A Short Story

A pink toad in a party hat with cherry-red human lips. An octopus with a bright blue eyes. A gigantic Baobab with musical fruit that thinks he’s a moron - it’s all becoming too much for Mordica. Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher reincarnated by the Necro-Techs for new-Age orgies. A conscious planet who’s avatar promises the extermination of human consciousness.. Earth’s become a strange place since the Great Healing, when Magick and Science became fused, and opened up the universe once and for all. But time’s up it seems, and humanity must face its oldest, vilest enemy.

BRAND: A Novel

As we move into the age of the Thought Police, those who would command the technology of tyranny do battle in life's sewers, the natural home of all politicians...

This is the story of Mike Brand, former special forces operator; an emotionally crippled human being washed out by the horrors of too many wars, too many horrors and deaths, ruthlessly pursued for the ultimate control device - which he does not have.

A Vision of Christ and Odin

Lucifer, Angel of the Morning by Hettie Rowley

"Dark becomes the light
Mourning ever for the love
Of those it set free"

Haiku by Keith Rowley
Painting by Hettie Rowley

For more poetry and art, please go to our onine Poetry book.